Dallas Aquarium Coupons for Discount Tickets


Once in a while, the aquarium in Dallas offers coupons to the visitors and charges are offered at discounted rates to senior or old people over the age of 60, those who visit the facility as a group, military personnel and those people who have membership cards.
Dallas World Aquarium tunnelThe conservation in the Dallas world aquarium which consists of aquatic life and vegetation represent fourteen countries selected from five continents, a number of rivers, seas and three oceans. Dallas aquarium hours are from 9 o’clock in the morning to 5 o’clock in the evening. It remains closed on thanks giving and Christmas days. To get admitted, it will cost an adult 20.95 dollars, 12.95 dollars for children between the age of 3 to 12 years and 16.95 dollars for old people who are above the age of 60 years. All the prices are inclusive of tax. Admission is free for children below the age of three years.

Dallas Aquarium Membership

Dallas Aquarium sharkWhen you register as a member with the Dallas world aquarium, you will enjoy free admission for a whole year. Membership for a single person goes for 95 dollars, and for the seniors is 85 dollars. Some Dallas-area magazines are sold with coupons for Dallas aquarium, which are meant to make the magazines sell more. When you visit the aquarium as a group, you will save 5 dollars on admission. To get this discount you have to ensure that all the fifteen tickets are paid for in a single transaction. The coupons will not only reduce your admission cost but will also allow you to buy goods from the gift shops and enjoy Dallas world aquarium discounts. The locals who have obtained membership will also enjoy free visits as they wish during aquarium operational time. Apart from the discounted entrance charges, they will also pay less for the purchases they make from the gift shops or book stores.


For visitors who have come to Dallas for holidays, they will never regret their vacation in Texas because there is a lot to see, do and learn when they come to the aquarium. Everyone will want to save on tickets and in this case, Dallas Aquarium coupons will aid you in getting the tickets at low prices than normal. You can also get the popular coupon book, the Entertainment Book which usually contains coupons to the Dallas Aquarium or other popular Dallas attractions. You can buy the Entertainment book 2013 online before your trip and also get all the great 50% off coupons to use in the Dallas area. It really is a great deal to buy the Entertainment Book 2013, because you will also find half price discounts for all the other types of coupons it offers, including many restaurants, parks and zoos, fun activities, and even for national hotel and car rental chains.

Dallas Aquarium Coupons 2013

Another place where you can find Dallas aquarium coupons is online. To find the Dallas Aquarium Coupons 2013 year currently available, you should first check the Dallas Aquarium website for coupons or promotional discounts. Another additional website that you can visit is 360Dallas.com. It offers very good discounts for most of the places in Dallas. Specifically for Dallas World Aquarium however, the site is known to offer coupons to visitors who want to tour the facility. All you will need to do is check for hyper-linked word “coupons” and you will see the offers that are currently being availed to visitors. When you fail to get what you are targeting, you are encouraged to keep on checking because the websites is frequently updated and you may get your exact offer on your next visit.

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